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Re: Brooding Question

Posted by jill on 4/09/06
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    don't worry for starters. females don't usually just attack
    thier own babies unless they are old enough to leave the
    nest and won't or have left and try to come back in. i have
    females who even let other birds babies come into thier nest
    and take care of them....of corse i step in and remove them
    but it doesn't stop it from happening. just make sure your
    birds are getting good nutrition so they can take good care
    of the babies. you'll be surprised how quickly they will
    grow. DON'T WORRY =)jill

    On 4/08/06, Evelyn wrote:
    > I just got my first baby budgies. I am worried about the
    > hen possibly attacking the young when they fledge. I have
    > heard that this is sometimes a problem with budgies. I
    > don't want to loose any of these precious little babies.
    > Doe anyone have any suggestions on how to prevent it from
    > happening?
    > Thanks,
    > Evelyn