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Re: Budgie With Egg Stuck?

Posted by jill on 4/18/06
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    On 4/17/06, Dana wrote:
    > Hello everyone,
    > I have a seven year old budgie who has been
    > looking "pregnant" and just sits in her nest box all day
    > and has diarrhea and begs her partner to feed her. I dont
    > know she seems to do this every few months. Is she faking
    > her pregnancy or what? No eggs have been produced and
    > she's been doing this for almost 4 months now.

    hello dana,
    just curious if you've been feeding greens a bit more
    lately? if so you must be sure to wash them well if they
    aren't organic. this could explain diarrhea. otherwise it's
    usually a sign for concern. the fact that she's sitting in
    her box and having her mate feed her may be that she intends
    to lay eggs it takes two to three weeks after mating for
    them to lay...depending on which book your birds read. if
    she is egg bound, often you can tell by gently rubbing
    around the vent should be able to feel the egg.
    usually an egg bound hen will go to the bottom of the cage.
    if she does this you need to get her to the vet quick as
    this could kill her. hope this helps and good luck! jill