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Re: Budgie With Egg Stuck?

Posted by Dave on 4/18/06
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    On 4/17/06, Dana wrote:
    > Hello everyone,
    > I have a seven year old budgie who has been
    > looking "pregnant" and just sits in her nest box all day
    > and has diarrhea and begs her partner to feed her. I dont
    > know she seems to do this every few months. Is she faking
    > her pregnancy or what? No eggs have been produced and
    > she's been doing this for almost 4 months now.

    Just a quick fact about 'egg bound'. When a bird has that
    problem, the egg is just about ready to come out of the vent
    area but that area won't open completely. Many times, a small
    part of the egg can actually be seen protruding out. If a
    bird is egg bound and no relief is given, the bird usually
    dies. That happens within 2 to 3 weeks. The usual treatment
    for being eggbound is some olive oil or vegetable oil or some
    other non toxic oil being put on the egg and on the edges of
    the vent area that are pressing against the egg holding it
    there. The oil works it's way in, loosens the vent area and
    the egg can be expelled. This problem happens very often to
    canaries, cockatiels and some over bred finches. As far as
    what's going on with your budgie, I doubt it has anything to
    do with being egg bound. You might have a combination of
    troubles there
    1--a male who is either unterested in breeding or to young to
    2--a female who has a hormonal problem which causes her
    situation to continue.
    Since your female is going through all this stress, you
    should do the right thing which is to separate the birds so
    that she doesn't get as stimulated as she does. This rule
    applies to many species of parrots and softbills----Dave