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Re: How to select a budgie to be a pal to current budgie?

Posted by jill on 4/27/06
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    is this a pic of the stand offish budgie? if so, there is
    part of the problem as this bird is a female NOT a male.
    females tend to be broody and moody a good deal of the time.
    she might be nervous when left alone as most keets are when
    accustom to being kept with others regularly. as far as your
    other two they have brown cere's as well? if so
    they also are female. it isn't uncommon for two birds (same
    sex if none of the oppisite sex are available) to pair up.
    the third then does get left out. if you were to purchase a
    male for this female...she would likely hack at him. this to
    is normal. but she would likely make friends with him
    eventually.....beware as keets grow on you! i started just
    the way you are right now and now i have 26 adult keets!!!
    lolololololol hope this helps, jill

    \On 4/26/06, Diana wrote:
    > I have three male budgies. Two of them get along extremely
    > well. The third budgie is kind of stand-offish, and rather
    > timid. He is pretty much ignored by the other two budgies.
    > At times, he tries to "make nice", but he just gets
    pecked at.
    > All three budgies are adoptees. I don't know the history
    > this one budgie; it was suggested to me that he may have
    > been abused. :(
    > He is very skittish, and tries to be around one at least
    > of the budgies at all times. When he is not near one, he
    > paces frantically on the perch.
    > I would like to get him a pal, but I have no idea how I
    > would be able to determine if the budgie that I select
    > get on with him.
    > IS there a way to accomplish this?
    > -diana