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Re: How to select a budgie to be a pal to current budgie?

Posted by Kitty.J on 4/27/06
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    On 4/27/06, Diana wrote:
    > Hi, Jill.
    > Thank you for the time you put into your response. No, the
    > stand-offish budgie is not the one pictured: when I was filling
    > out the form to post the question, there was an area where I
    > could post a photo, with an accompanying pic title. I was
    > the impression this would appear on the site as a "tag", with
    > the title of my pic. The pic is of my lost little gal.
    > The three budgies are male = blue ceres.
    > I appreciate the general info you provided that applies to both
    > genders. I would still like to get a pal for my loner guy, but
    > I don't know how to determine -- if it IS possible -- if a
    > particular budgie will get on with my budgie. When I brought
    > home the current new guy, he immediately wanted out of the
    > transport cage to investigate the two other budgies. My one
    > budgie that is pals with him immediately wanted to meet the new
    > guy. My loner guy hid out in the cage.
    > :(
    > -diana

    Well that Female 'loner' budgie did look like she is ready to
    bred just by what the cere color is. And well if you are not
    planning on breeding her get her a male and no nest box and a
    cage for her and her buddy. Alone those to can be with eachother
    and grow fond but in a flock it may be different. Good luck!
    Also what do you other two look like it may be possible that the
    other two is an actual pair and thats why she is a loner.