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Posted by jill on 5/24/06
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    On 5/22/06, . wrote:
    > Please HELP!
    > I was laying on my bed yesturday when I saw my two
    > parakeets mating. I was shocked! I have had them for 5
    > years now and they have not seemed the least bit
    > in eachother. Anyways, about a year ago my female layed an
    > egg outside the nesting box, that cracked and broke when
    > hit the floor. Ever since then, I have not seen an egg. I
    > have no clue what to do. My avain vet is out for 2 weeks
    > right now so I do not know what to do.
    > How do you tell if your bird is expecting? How long are
    > pregnancy periods? What is the average size clutch? How
    > often are they layed? PLEASE HELP?

    #1 it probably wasn't the first time they have mated. do you
    have a nest box up? this makes the mating seem right to the
    birds in spring.
    as far as i know there isn't really any way for sure to tell
    if she's expecting i would just assume she is to be on the
    safe side. the pregnancy period usually last 2-3 weeks
    average clutch is 3-7eggs...(some people say 3-5 but i have
    never seen as little as three and so often more than 7)
    doesn't mean all will hatch. they are layed every other day
    usually but can be layed everyday. get a good keet book and
    find out who is taking over for your avain vet while he is
    away. just good info to have. hope this helps,jill

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