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Re: Growth of dark feathers around head area????!

Posted by jill on 6/05/06
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    On 6/04/06, Jenny wrote:
    > So my budgie that ive had since the last January 1st never
    > looked any different for all that time. About 1 month ago
    > its cere cahnged from that brownish rough form to smooth
    > and light blue. NOW, i notived just this morning that it
    > has black little dots on its forehead and at a closer look
    > i found that they were growing out of these whitish
    > stocklike things. Im guessing their just new feathers and
    > the things their growing from can fall off cuz...some did
    > when we were holding it.
    > My guestions are...
    > Are they really just feathers?
    > Will the white things all fall off?
    > Is this regrowth a good thing?
    > And why are the feathers on the head blackish?
    > Its head is yellow and i thought as it gets older the
    > white wavy lines go away?
    > confues and found no to little info on other sites.
    > Please help, any input is good. thanks
    sounds like your bird may be going thru molt....nothing to
    worry about. they color will show up in those "black
    feathers soon....the lines will go away. yes the white
    things will fall off....good nutrition is a must during molt
    especially. the cere change is also normal. it will turn
    back to brown when she is in breeding condition....the
    change takes place several times in the life span of the
    budgie....yours sounds like a female by the way. hope this
    helps, jill