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Re: females sharring the same box

Posted by Sarah32 on 6/23/06
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    On 6/18/06, jill wrote:
    > the strangest thing has happened.i have 2 female budgies
    > that have meted with one male....not too strange, but now
    > they have laid eggs together and now are hatching out a
    > clutch of 6 babies together in the same box. they both sit
    > the nest and care for the babies and they both go for
    > food. they have taken each other on for
    > partners....totally blows my mind...has anyone ever heard
    > of this before?
    > i also have a male and female that take turns mounting
    > each other. they both take on nesting duties and have
    > successfully raised a clutch of 5. am i in the twilight
    > zone or what?
    > anyone else ever had any of these things happen to them?

    Sorry, beats me. That's the strangest thing!