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Re: My budgie sick

Posted by Phil/Wild on 6/23/06
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    On 6/23/06, Phil/Wild wrote:
    > Hi Mimi.
    > Is your budgie a female? sometimes when bird get ready to lay
    > they are very careful when they defecate,not wanting to shoot
    > the egg out to early or not ready to lay it. That just my
    > opinion. I know my birds do that.
    > i think its just nature holding the egg till the budgie feels
    > comfortable. Is your budgie drinking a-lot of water?
    > If she is a female and is getting ready to lay, you can look
    > at the vent area and see if it is bulging.if it is, It could
    > be that she is going to lay an wishes
    >If it keep this up you should take her to the vet.If she's a
    >girl. One more thing,egg bound is when the egg won't pass.
    >calcium deficiency.
    > Warmest Regards Phillip/Wildomar
    > On 6/23/06, Mimi wrote:
    >> A couple weeks ago, I found something wrong with my
    >> budgie's dropping - unusual size: 10mm length. Today the
    >> dropping changed to 7 mm round (completely figure). It is
    >> huge size dropping for budgie. It took long time (30min)
    > for
    >> my budgie to pull. Dropping¡¯s color is OK. My budgie looks
    >> OK ¨C nothing wrong but this. I would like to know is my
    >> budgie sick?