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Re: attacked by mum

Posted by -- on 7/09/06
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    On 6/25/06, Alison wrote:
    > On 6/25/06, saltwater wrote:
    >> I have been looking after some budgies whilst owners are
    >> away and they produced 3 chicks which were probably close
    >> to fledging. This morning they were all looking out of
    >> their nest box. 2 hours later they were all dead, it looks
    >> as if the mother has attached them all. Their heads are
    >> covered in blood (so is mums face)does anyone know why
    >> this has happened?
    > ____________________________________
    > It is possible that she laid more eggs, or is about to lay
    > more eggs and she was trying to drive the fledglings out of
    > the nest to make room for the new babies. -Alison-
    I have heard cases that if the person looks at the babies, the
    mother seels "threatened" or something and she kills them...