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Re: Male parakeet killed the babies

Posted by Debbie on 8/07/06
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    I'm sorry it took me so long to post but I was hoping
    somebody would help that really might know what to tell you
    beside what I will.
    Do you just have the one pair of parakeets?
    I have had parakeets do that before wanting to hurry and
    breed again but some of the moms did it as well.
    I had a bunch of parakeets in my aviary so I could sell the
    mean ones and did or gave them to my mom. She got my rejects
    that werent good breeders cause she just liked to see them
    in her big cage and it didnt matter about breeding.
    Its hard because that was his first clutch of babies some
    birds are just real nervous and chew because they are so
    excited and we never know how they are gonna be.
    I dont know if I would take the chance to go through that
    again but its up to you.
    I have sold all of my American parakeets and bought the
    English parakeets. They seem to be more mellow all of the
    way around and their babies are so sweet too. I do have mine
    with my cockatiel breeders and they all seem to get along
    fine which is another plus for me.
    Hope this helps a little.
    Good luck

    On 8/04/06, Jen wrote:
    > Sad news . . . . Last evening, my male parakeet entered
    > the nestbox and killed the two babies that had hatched as
    > well as destroyed the rest of the clutch. What happened?
    > This was his first husbandry, so does this mean that he
    > learned that he can do that and will do the same for all
    > subsequent clutches? Should he be removed from the
    > breeding cage? Should I try again w/ him? The hen is a
    > very experienced mother, so what if I let her brood and
    > raise the young alone?
    > Lots of questions, I know, but you guys are the place to
    > for the answers. Thank you!
    > Jen