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Re: HELP!!!!!!(pleaseeeeeeeee)

Posted by Kitty.J on 8/18/06
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    On 8/08/06, sebastian wrote:
    > ok. so i have 2 budgies a male and a female and i put a
    > nesting box in. and she'll go in and out, but only when
    > she sees me coming. they havent started mating
    > sooooooooo...... i would really really appreciate it if
    > someone could tell me how i can get them in the mood.

    Well you cannot really force them to breed.. My females will
    love to check out my nest boxes and they wont even be in
    condition. All you can do though is make sure its warm in
    the room not freezing like the dead of winter, proper
    humidity, make sure she has a deep chocolate brown cere,
    they are both over 1 yr old. Make sure you have a male and
    female and give them veggies and all sorts of goodies for
    your bird everyday of the yr, and I mean that. Also the
    right size and location of nest box wil help. And ofcourse
    the right size of a cage. Make sure its no shorter than 2 ft
    long and a foot wide at the very least! Any more questions
    please ask.. I usually respond here but I havent been on as
    much as I used to, but I will get back to you as soon as I
    can :)