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Re: HELP!!!!!!(pleaseeeeeeeee)

Posted by sebastian on 8/20/06
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    On 8/18/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 8/08/06, sebastian wrote:
    >> ok. so i have 2 budgies a male and a female and i put a
    >> nesting box in. and she'll go in and out, but only when
    >> she sees me coming. they havent started mating
    >> sooooooooo...... i would really really appreciate it if
    >> someone could tell me how i can get them in the mood.
    > Well you cannot really force them to breed.. My females will
    > love to check out my nest boxes and they wont even be in
    > condition. All you can do though is make sure its warm in
    > the room not freezing like the dead of winter, proper
    > humidity, make sure she has a deep chocolate brown cere,
    > they are both over 1 yr old. Make sure you have a male and
    > female and give them veggies and all sorts of goodies for
    > your bird everyday of the yr, and I mean that. Also the
    > right size and location of nest box wil help. And ofcourse
    > the right size of a cage. Make sure its no shorter than 2 ft
    > long and a foot wide at the very least! Any more questions
    > please ask.. I usually respond here but I havent been on as
    > much as I used to, but I will get back to you as soon as I
    > can :)

    well i have done everything u just mensioned. and still
    nothing. should i just wait? because i've been trying since
    april and i don't know what else 2 do. when i bought them i
    wasn't planing on breeding i was planing on taming them so i
    didn't buy a bonded pair. so that might be the problem. should
    i get another pair thats already bonded? or just another male?