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Re: New Keet

Posted by Debbie on 8/10/06
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    My males do that. Its like they are getting excited before
    breeding or just talking about all of the pretty girls :0)
    Its normal here.

    On 8/10/06, Popcorn wrote:
    > Hi guys. A friend of mine had a single parakeet after her
    > other one died. It's been a while now and her keet was
    > looking depressed. She didn't want to get another keet so
    > we decided to try and put it in with my two keets. I have
    > a male and female and the new keet is a male. I let them
    > see each other for a little while and then yesterday
    > morning I put them together. I sat and watched the cage
    > almost the whole day, just to be sure everything was
    > working out and all keets were able to eat. Well,
    > everything seems fine but the two males now seem to be
    > courting. Yesterday it seemed my male was being a little
    > more aggressive, I figured he was showing the new guy that
    > the female was his. So I watched and they settled down a
    > bit. Today they seem to be courting and the female is
    > sitting all by herself. It's really cute. They're flying
    > around, chirping at each other. Could it be that because
    > the female is older (6) and the two males are both younger
    > (3), that they thing they are more compatable that either
    > one with the female? Doesn't this go against all rules of
    > nature? I though two males would only do this if their
    > was no female. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm
    > glad the set up is working out because my friends keet was
    > looking pretty bad before we moved him to my house. He
    > was lonely and his cage was a lot smaller than mine.
    > Thanks for any info.
    > Popcorn!