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Re: New Keet

Posted by Kitty.J on 8/18/06
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    On 8/10/06, Popcorn wrote:
    > Hi guys. A friend of mine had a single parakeet after her
    > other one died. It's been a while now and her keet was
    > looking depressed. She didn't want to get another keet so
    > we decided to try and put it in with my two keets. I have
    > a male and female and the new keet is a male. I let them
    > see each other for a little while and then yesterday
    > morning I put them together. I sat and watched the cage
    > almost the whole day, just to be sure everything was
    > working out and all keets were able to eat. Well,
    > everything seems fine but the two males now seem to be
    > courting.

    Dont worry about this, lol. Male parakeets will often bob
    their heads to eachother and sing to one another but they
    are not exactly courting eachother. My keets do this all the
    time and then wil go back to their lady and shwo off their
    new songs. People sometimes say the wild bird will not learn
    words from the tame bird but the tame bird will revert back
    to its wild side if its put with another bird... that is
    also not true or all my 5 (5 tam ebudgies) out 7 budgies
    would be all wild!!! My tame babies teach the 1 pr of none
    tame birds to like me.. and they are semi tame...
    If yo udont already know I've had Kiki my budgie for 4 yrs
    and then got the one un tamed pair but after they saw Kiki
    on me and his happy go lucky cheerfulness they became semi-
    tame and will fly to me (well to kiki) while Kiki is on me..
    and then they had 5 chicks and I handraised them and
    ofcourse they tlak to their parents but will always be
    tame :) oh and about my pr of budgies... My female was 2 yrs
    old when she got her first mate and he was 6 months old...
    They just paired up... Gracie the male was a rescue and
    Niniki played hard to get.. but Gracie used his pure beauty
    and won her over... Ninikki liked Kiki more.. but.. Gracie
    is her man and will always be... even though Gracie is now
    courting his daughter but I know he still love Ninikki
    because he'll run back over to her and groom her and the
    like :) Sort of got off topic there, lol

    oh and in the pic. it look like they are stuck together..
    they are not.. lol.. they were just umm.. well... I dont
    know.. but they wernt mating lol