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Re: taming

Posted by Kitty.J on 8/23/06
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    On 8/21/06, averie wrote:
    > On 8/21/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 8/21/06, Mom wrote:
    >>> On 8/21/06, averie wrote:
    >>>> Hi, I have a budgie that I am trying to train but it is
    >>>> not working. He flies back to his cage so I brought him in
    >>>> another room. Unfortunately, he still flies around.
    >>>> I was wandering if you can give me tips please!!!
    >>>> Thank you!
    >>> try trimming the wings
    >> or if you are one of thsoe few who disagrees about trimming
    >> birds wings, keep it in its cage and train it in there.. let
    >> it get used to your hand being in there and it'll learn that
    >> your hand his not going to do harm o it and will soon think of
    >> it as another perch....And from there.. you can accoplish
    >> anything the world throws at you :)
    > I did have its wings clipped but what I meant was that he was
    > like hopping around to get somewhere else!

    try taming in a cage.. so the bird gets use to your hand.. never
    give up or the bird feels it has won the fight. Each tim eyou hand
    is just sitting in the cage wait untill the bird settles down
    untill you take your hand out and if the bird moves around some
    more just wait again.. do this few times daily and soon the bird
    should accpet your hand as a perch. Or you can do what I did. Have
    the bird in the cage and keep your hand in there untill the bird
    settles down and accepts your hand as a perch.. When the bird is
    settled, slowly move your hand to the bird. If the bird flutters
    wait untill it calms down and then attempt to do this again. This
    will require a lot of patience because it takes time for th ebird
    to trust you. Good luck. Oh and also if you just got this bird its
    always good to give her/him a good week to get acclimated with
    his/her new invironment. Hope this helps :)