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Re: Grit?

Posted by Kitty.J on 8/29/06
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    On 8/29/06, Val wrote:
    > Do budgies need to have grit in the cage at all times?

    I sometimes use grit. There is a huge controversy oveer this
    topic. I say go head for it. My budgies dont eat too much of
    it.. just enough of it. And I only feed it a few times a
    week (usualy every other day) But only feed grit if you feed
    your brids other goodies that you are suppose to feed them
    like greens, bread, egg food... stuf like that. In the wild
    parrots will eat mud and stuff because they eat a lot of
    fruits and things that are harder to digest. Like greens can
    be a little bit hard to digest so its ok to feed a bit of
    grit. I've never had a problem with it almost 5 yrs of
    having my budgies.

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