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Re: New budgie Owner! petssmart not to smart

Posted by Patty on 12/27/06
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    Not running an ad for PetSmart, but the one near me has very happy
    healthy little parakeets. I am an experienced parakeet owner, all of my
    parakeets have lived well into thier teens, all have been great talkers
    and super little buddies to me.

    My cousin wanted a parakeet. I have always admired how healthy, young and
    content the little birdies are at my local Petsmart. So, we went there
    and I pointed out several very nice babies for my cousin to choose from.

    One little fellow store her heart. That was six years ago, and Floyd the
    parakeet is still going strong! He is an excellent, talkative, playful
    and social little fellow.

    I plan on going to Petsmart for a parakeet this week!