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Re: New budgie Owner! petssmart not to smart

Posted by Sarah32 on 12/31/06
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    On 12/27/06, Patty wrote:
    > Not running an ad for PetSmart, but the one near me has very happy
    > healthy little parakeets. I am an experienced parakeet owner, all of my
    > parakeets have lived well into thier teens, all have been great talkers
    > and super little buddies to me.
    > My cousin wanted a parakeet. I have always admired how healthy, young and
    > content the little birdies are at my local Petsmart. So, we went there
    > and I pointed out several very nice babies for my cousin to choose from.
    > One little fellow store her heart. That was six years ago, and Floyd the
    > parakeet is still going strong! He is an excellent, talkative, playful
    > and social little fellow.
    > I plan on going to Petsmart for a parakeet this week!

    Yeah, I always go to the Petsmart near me becuase in my opinion, it has been very helpful, and
    even though the budgies may not be very social when you get them, a little time with them and
    they are golden. I bought 2 budgies from there about 2 years ago, and they mated and hatched 2
    beautiful baby birds. In my area, Petsmart is great!