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Re: New budgie Owner! petssmart not to smart

Posted by misty on 9/05/06
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    On 9/04/06, BudgieBudgie wrote:
    > On 9/04/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    >> On 9/04/06, BudgieBudgie wrote:
    >>> I am getting a new budgie and I was wondering if you had
    >>> any tips. Help would be Appriciated!
    >> What do you need to know?
    > Just wondering what would be the best and most affordable
    > food, what to look for in a bird at Petsmart, and if I should
    > buy mirrors since i can only get one, etc. even though I have
    > read alot of Parakeet books, they all have different opinions
    > and don't state a specific brand of food to buy.
    > Thank you for replying though!

    if there is anyway around it please do not buy from lare
    petstore changes such as petsmart , supermarket large known
    names buy from a little mama papa store near you. the birds at
    the large stores have been mistreated and there are just way to
    many of them and get no interaction from the store clerks who
    get paid pennys and have no knowledge of birds i have attached
    proof to defend my words pls veiw !
    please dont support these stores!