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Post: Clip wing?

Posted by Jo-Ann on 9/07/06

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    My neighbor has 2 budgies that were given to him, and he
    amittedly doesn't know much about them. He doesn't have a
    computer so I thought I'k ask you guys some stuff.

    So, I think they are male and female and seem to be very
    loving with each other - would it be a good idea to clip
    their wings for out of cage playing? They are not hand
    tamed at this point.

    The cage size seems OK - I've seen them on 2 occasions and
    they mostly sit next to each other preening. He said they
    are always preening and "kissing" each other - must be

    Since they seem very happy with each other would it be a
    good idea to seperate them for human bonding time or is it
    to late for that, I think they are about a year old but
    I'm not sure.

    Thanks and I'd love any other info you may suggest.

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