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Re: Clip wing?

Posted by Debbie on 9/07/06
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    I would see what others say but here I would clip the wings
    if they are pets for a few reasons.
    1. I think it helps more when trying to handle/tame them
    2. Just in case they happen to get loose they cant go far
    (but you do have to watch them close around other animals
    because the birds can be caught and killed too quick)

    I dont think you have to seperate them if they are happy
    together just handle both a few times each day and see how
    it goes.
    If they get loose (without the wings clipped) they can stave
    to death because they are used to having food and water gave
    to them.
    And finally here I clip wings to keep my birds (parrots) off
    of other birds cages to start trouble like some might like
    to do.

    On 9/07/06, Jo-Ann wrote:
    > My neighbor has 2 budgies that were given to him, and he
    > amittedly doesn't know much about them. He doesn't have a
    > computer so I thought I'k ask you guys some stuff.
    > So, I think they are male and female and seem to be very
    > loving with each other - would it be a good idea to clip
    > their wings for out of cage playing? They are not hand
    > tamed at this point.
    > The cage size seems OK - I've seen them on 2 occasions and
    > they mostly sit next to each other preening. He said they
    > are always preening and "kissing" each other - must be
    > love!
    > Since they seem very happy with each other would it be a
    > good idea to seperate them for human bonding time or is it
    > to late for that, I think they are about a year old but
    > I'm not sure.
    > Thanks and I'd love any other info you may suggest.