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Re: talking

Posted by Kitty.J on 9/15/06
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    On 9/13/06, sebastian wrote:
    > On 9/09/06, averie wrote:
    >> What first time words can I teach my budgie that are
    >> pretty easy to learn? I was talking to him when he was on
    >> my hand and he made a clicking noise. What does that mean?
    >> He seems very smart!
    >> Thank you!
    > well.... i read somewhere(don't remember where) that words
    > with the "K" and "T" sounds are really easy for budgies 2
    > learn. like.....Cutie. sure its not spelled with a K but it
    > still has the sound

    Yes K's are really easy for birds to pronounce. All my
    talkable birds learned the main man of the show, aka Kiki.
    lol. Kiki was my first budgie and they all learned form Kiki
    himself how to say Kiki... lol. Learning M's I believe is
    really hard for budgies and smaller birds. My starling tries
    saying "yummy yummy" but cannot say the M part and makes
    a "ooomfy" sound whenever I say Yummy yummy (each time I give
    him mealworms I say it) and he says "oomfy" or "Whaaaaaat?"
    lol. I say, try teaching your bird what you want him/her to
    learn, never actually teach your bird something that you will
    not keep saying throughout his/her life or the bird will sieze
    to say it anymore. Good luck.