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Re: talking

Posted by averie on 9/16/06
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    On 9/15/06, Kitty.J wrote:
    > On 9/13/06, sebastian wrote:
    >> On 9/09/06, averie wrote:
    >>> What first time words can I teach my budgie that are
    >>> pretty easy to learn? I was talking to him when he was on
    >>> my hand and he made a clicking noise. What does that mean?
    >>> He seems very smart!
    >>> Thank you!
    >> well.... i read somewhere(don't remember where) that words
    >> with the "K" and "T" sounds are really easy for budgies 2
    >> learn. like.....Cutie. sure its not spelled with a K but it
    >> still has the sound
    > Yes K's are really easy for birds to pronounce. All my
    > talkable birds learned the main man of the show, aka Kiki.
    > lol. Kiki was my first budgie and they all learned form Kiki
    > himself how to say Kiki... lol. Learning M's I believe is
    > really hard for budgies and smaller birds. My starling tries
    > saying "yummy yummy" but cannot say the M part and makes
    > a "ooomfy" sound whenever I say Yummy yummy (each time I give
    > him mealworms I say it) and he says "oomfy" or "Whaaaaaat?"
    > lol. I say, try teaching your bird what you want him/her to
    > learn, never actually teach your bird something that you will
    > not keep saying throughout his/her life or the bird will sieze
    > to say it anymore. Good luck.

    Thanks and your budgies sound cute!!!