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Re: found budgerigar

Posted by Toby's Mom on 12/10/06
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    There is an international lost and found Yahoo group. Try
    posting your found budgie at:

    I see a posting that someone lost a budgie in Wargrave,
    Reading in November. Don't know how far that is from you. But
    check out this group.

    Good luck!

    On 12/09/06, Adrian Dominguez wrote:
    > On 12/09/06, jacky wrote:
    >> We have found a very nice quite tame budgerigar today, can
    >> someone help with information on what we can safely give
    >> it to eat, ideally improvising from our kitchen. We have
    >> common chicken corn/maize but it looks a bit large would
    >> weetabix or porridge oats be of use? Also is does anyone
    >> know of a national website for uk lost and found birds? we
    >> are located between cheltenham and gloucester.
    > Theres lots of safe improves you can feed this bird from a
    > regular kitchen stapel. such as cheerios, or any other
    > cerial that doesnt have sugar, best would be fresh vegies or
    > even fruit, frozen fruit and vegies too. Bread and meat
    > arent the best thing but its ok. You may have a hard time
    > getting it to eat anything that it doesnt already recognize
    > as food but if it sees you eating something it might be
    > tempted.
    > Some things you want to
    > AVOID
    > chocolate, caffien, avacodo, fruit seeds, salt,
    > Other non food things to avoid wuld be
    > scented candels, cooking with nonstick pans while the
    > bird is in the room w/ you, arisol sprays, pretty much
    > anything that has any sort of scent to it especially
    > cleaning chemicals.