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Re: Female Budgie Behavior

Posted by Kitty.J on 1/13/07
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    The only chance one budgie would be able to kil another is a
    nest box with two bird and small cage= death. Make sure the cage
    is BIG. I have 9 budgies and I never had ANY deaths, even when
    they're all in the same big cage I have for them. Now two
    budgies in a tiny cage will be stressed because of the cage size
    and need a bigger one. The death wouldnt of happened if the othe
    rbird was able to get away from the attacker 9thats why they
    need bigger cages, I do not know why people think small cages
    are good for small bird, IDIOTS)

    Even if the birds are male and female, a small cage = disaster.