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Re: Female Budgie Behavior

Posted by Chris on 12/28/06
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    Thank you Debbie for your response. So would she be more
    acceptable to a male? I have in my own office 1 pair in one
    cage w/o a nest and in another 2 males and a female, w/o a
    nest. I was thinking of giving her a male, he is young
    though, so not sure how she would treat him.

    On 12/27/06, Debbie from Calif. wrote:
    > Sorry I dont check the Budgie site too often but saw your
    > question and another post nothing to do with birds or
    > helping you so I thought I would try to tell you what I
    > thought and hope others help as well.
    > The budgies can get crazy like that during breeding times
    > and some are much worse than others that for sure. I had
    > many parakeets in my aviary and once in a great while that
    > would happen or they would kill their babies or others if
    > they could so they could have the nest.
    > I sold all of mine and bought the bigger more mellow English
    > parakeets as they seem to not be as bad or crazy as the
    > American parakeets plus they are easier to tame too I think.
    > I wouldnt have a nest in a pet birds cage because it will
    > encourage them to want to breed. The female sounds like it
    > is serious to breed so a male will only make her worse and
    > then there comes fertile eggs.
    > Hope this helps some.
    > Sorry all of you had to loose a bird like that too.
    > Debbie
    > On 12/27/06, Chris wrote:
    >> Hi, my friend at work has 2 budgies (American) in her
    >> office. Background info on them are, they are both
    >> female. She had a nest of sort in the cage. They had
    >> gotten along great and fly free about 3 hours a day. I
    >> was here Monday and they were fine, however when i checked
    >> on them today one had killed the other. It was horrible.
    >> I believe the surviving one is hormonal as her cere is
    >> crusty brown, somewhat. Could this be why this happened?
    >> Should the nest be removed and perhaps a male be placed
    >> with her down the road. I haven't told her yet, she will
    >> be upset. Any thoughts as to why this happened? Thank
    >> you for your time.