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Re: Budgies

Posted by Tina on 1/06/07
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    On 1/06/07, Cheri wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I just got a new parakeet from a family that was moving..
    > I have not had one in yrs.. the last time I got one was
    > from a pet store and I brought it home and my whole flock
    > fell ill and were on antibiotics for sometime.. the vet
    > said it is only something the parakeet will carry but you
    > will never know it has it... Ok so I brought this little
    > guy home he is quarinteen in our room I am on day two and
    > he is still nervous but he is in a quiet place to adjust..
    > When is it safe to bring him out to my other birds? does
    > anyone know? thank you


    Just go slow with him/her let him tell you in his own time --
    hard to do lol but after about 5 days introduce him slowly
    to the others for a couple of hours a day at a time with you
    there as his/her support - you will then feel by all their
    actions when its right to leave him/her in there