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Re: Budgies

Posted by Cheri on 1/13/07
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    On 1/07/07, jill wrote:
    > On 1/06/07, Cheri wrote:
    >> Hello,
    >> I just got a new parakeet from a family that was moving..
    >> I have not had one in yrs.. the last time I got one was
    >> from a pet store and I brought it home and my whole flock
    >> fell ill and were on antibiotics for sometime.. the vet
    >> said it is only something the parakeet will carry but you
    >> will never know it has it... Ok so I brought this little
    >> guy home he is quarinteen in our room I am on day two and
    >> he is still nervous but he is in a quiet place to adjust..
    >> When is it safe to bring him out to my other birds? does
    >> anyone know? thank you
    > if you are asking incase of infectious disease then you
    > should keep him separate for no less than 30 days. if he
    > shows no signs of being ill then it would be ok to start
    > with the introductions. these days infection in birds is far
    > less than it used to be but it isn't gone completely. it
    > would be good for you to use this time to get him accustom
    > to you before you intro with the other birds anyway. he can
    > hear them in the house and will likely start to call to them
    > when he's ready to meet them. good luck, jill

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful advice.. the Parakeet is
    doing much better he is chirping alot and its so cute ,,its so
    small compared to my other birds.. he is blending in just fine
    and I think he is much happier .. .thanks for everything.