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Re: Baby Mutilated by Mom

Posted by KittyJ on 1/27/07
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    On 1/21/07, Beth wrote:
    > I haven't been on this site for a while and possibly this
    > has already been discussed.... But I lost a 5 week old
    > budgie last week. It came out of the nest box and the mom
    > attacked it.
    > My question is: Should this hen be used for breeding
    > again? She was fine with her first clutch. She is 3
    > years old and just I just started breeding her.
    > Thanks.

    This is very uncommon IF you provide large enough cage,
    nestbox and food dishes, enough perches and stimulants in
    the cage. A good picture of the cage, I can help tell you
    what I think better. But without knwoing or seeing too much
    Its hard to say.

    You should alway shave a larhe enough cage for any animal
    when you breed. Just like us they need space, stimulants,
    lots of food, and fresh food and room to get away from