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Re: parakeets

Posted by Michelle on 1/19/08
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    On 3/21/07, Valerie wrote:
    > On 2/19/07, Nancy Morey wrote:
    >> Is this chatboard also for parakeets?
    > I am looking for anyone who has had the Alexandrines & can
    > give me an opinion on them as pets. Any info. will be
    > greatly appreciated. I have read alot of info. but need
    > opinion of people who have actually owned them.

    Love em like crazy. Demanding, beautiful, princes and
    princesses, not cuddly, but they love you and interact with
    you. They speak amazingly if attended and engaged with.

    But they chew everything in sight, all the time. I get my
    alex special pens that he can chew and break apart from a.m.
    to p.m.

    You can return email to discuss if any questions.