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Re: Budgies Outside

Posted by Chris on 3/02/07
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    On 3/01/07, Dave wrote:
    > On 3/01/07, Chris wrote:
    >> Hi, Can budgies stay in an outside enclosure, year
    >> around. I live in Texas and the enclosure is 3 feet off
    >> the ground with a solid roof and windbreaks. I would like
    >> them to be able to enjoy the outdoors but am a little
    >> skeptical about nitetime.
    > For quite a long time, budgies have been bred, inbred,
    > crossbred and linebred and the eventual results concerning
    > them is that sadly, their natural resistance to outside
    > temperatures and environments have been drastically
    > compromised. They're also very likely to pick up airborne
    > bacteria in the summer which their internal systems can no
    > longer fight off. It would be best that you keep the budgies
    > indoors year round but near a draft free window so that they
    > can see what's going on------Dave

    Thank you Dave for your response. They currently stay at my
    office in a nice size cage and fly free during the day so
    inside they will stay. Thanks again.