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Re: Will these guys get along?

Posted by Elizabeth on 3/07/07
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    On 3/07/07, fgp wrote:
    > I was wondering if anyone has had experience with putting
    > parakeets, lovebirds and canaries in the same cage?? My
    > husband built me a huge flight cage for my parakeets ...
    > the cage is 4foot by 3foot and I only have 3 keets! I was
    > wondering if I could get away with putting the 3 keets, 1
    > canary and 5 lovies together?? Thanks in advance

    Hello, I have had 2 keets, 5 zebra finches and a canary in a
    4' x 8' outdoor aviary with no problems for the past 2 years,
    in fact the keets and finches have both successfully raised
    babies this year with no injuries or excessive squabbling.
    Not so sure how the lovies would do in that environment.