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Posted by lauren on 3/27/07
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    On 3/26/07, Bluebird wrote:
    For your information, I saved these birds from being put to
    sleep because the owner did not want them. So don't give me
    the crap that I need to know more before I breed them. Do you
    really think that that was my intent on getting them? I came
    on this site to ask for help. If I wanted to be lectured, I
    would go talk to my mom. Thanks for wasting my time!

    You should read books and get more knowledge on this subject
    > BEFORE you breed your birds.
    > On 3/24/07, lauren wrote:
    >> Hey,
    >> I have one male and one female paprakeet. My female is
    >> acting very strange and is restless in her nesting box. I
    >> have not had any eggs before except for one that was
    >> infertile. Is my parakeet about to have a baby? What are
    >> some other signs? Thanks so much for your help!