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Posted by Hope this helps on 3/27/07
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    If you are not planning on breeding this pair then I suggest
    that you just take the nest box off. They will do just fine
    without the box and then you don't have to worry as much about
    them breeding. However, if the female is in and out of the nest
    box she maybe in the breeding mood or be breeding/getting ready
    to lay eggs. Is the male been in and out of the nest box as
    well? They usually get the nest box ready before a hen lays any

    You should see that her abdomin is a little enlarged about a day
    before she is going to lay an egg. If you notice that her
    abdomin is enlarged and she is acting very funny such as not
    eating and sitting at the bottom of the cage in discomfort then
    she may be egg bound and you would have to get her to a vet
    asap. I would also suggest that you put a cuttlebone in her
    cage for calcium.

    I hope this helps answer some of your questions. Good luck!

    On 3/27/07, lauren wrote:
    > On 3/26/07, Bluebird wrote:
    > For your information, I saved these birds from being put to
    > sleep because the owner did not want them. So don't give me
    > the crap that I need to know more before I breed them. Do you
    > really think that that was my intent on getting them? I came
    > on this site to ask for help. If I wanted to be lectured, I
    > would go talk to my mom. Thanks for wasting my time!
    > You should read books and get more knowledge on this subject
    >> BEFORE you breed your birds.
    >> On 3/24/07, lauren wrote:
    >>> Hey,
    >>> I have one male and one female paprakeet. My female is
    >>> acting very strange and is restless in her nesting box. I
    >>> have not had any eggs before except for one that was
    >>> infertile. Is my parakeet about to have a baby? What are
    >>> some other signs? Thanks so much for your help!