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Re: What is the youngest?

Posted by jill on 3/29/07
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    no problem dee...if you ever have questions i'd be glad to share
    what i know...anyway...have a great day,jill

    On 3/28/07, Dee wrote:
    > Thank you Jill!!
    > On 3/28/07, jill wrote:
    >> On 3/26/07, Dee wrote:
    >>> What is the youngest that a baby budgie can be considered
    >>> fully weaned?
    >> ususally around 5 1/2 weeks. according to the bird of corse.
    >> they usually leave nest around 4 weeks and are eating on
    >> thier own shortly after. when they stop begging from mom and
    >> dad is when i consider them fully weaned. hope this helps
    >> you. jill