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Re: Taming an injured baby

Posted by jill on 4/27/07
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    hello...if the vet says the bird is ok then i also think you
    should get started now. sounds like you already have a bond
    and an appreciation for the animals plight so you are gonna
    do great i just know it. babies that have been cared for by
    parents tend to be a bit skiddish no matter how much they
    were held in the nest, but the more you work with them the
    better they get....good luck to you and your friend,jill

    On 4/20/07, New Baby wrote:
    > Greetings,
    > I recently was given a vet cleared and healed young
    > budgie. He/she is about 10 wks. and had flown into a
    > window and injured a wing. The vet has given the final
    > clearence of health and it appears the wing has healed.
    > My question, he/she appears very calm and good for a
    > raised youngster. As long as I move slowly and quietly
    > bird will step onto my finger and perch on our playgym. I
    > don't want to move to quickly with him/her and stress the
    > bird out. He seems to be adapting very well but I'm don't
    > want the bird to still be feeling any pain for the wing
    > injury and have this be the reason he/she is acting so
    > What signs do you think would assist in backing off that
    > stress might be an issue? He is eating and drinking well.
    > Any input on working with this special baby will be
    > appreciated. I'm in no hurry to rush the baby, so taking
    > things slowly is my plan, I just want to be sure each step
    > is happily being taken with the bird as well.