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Re: female has her eighth egg,no male and is laying on her e

Posted by jill on 4/27/07
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    do you have a nest box in place? this isn't that uncommon at
    this time of the year. best thing to do is let her sit on
    the egg for about two weeks or so then diguard the whole
    clutch at one time. this should stop the cycle. if you take
    them away as she lays them she will continue to lay. hope
    this helps,jill

    On 4/26/07, Teresa Sanders wrote:
    > I have a female budgie that has no mate and is producing
    > eggs, her 8th to be exact.All 7 of her eggs she had , she
    > ignored, but the 8th one she is laying on it maternally.
    > This is the second day of her brooding on the egg.
    > If some one has info on this kind of situation, please
    > respond. 8 eggs have been produced in a period of 4 months
    > She is also licking her egg n not alot just alittle.
    > Angel, is about 3 years old and has never had a mate, she
    > has always been the only bird from day one.