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Re: sex of budgies

Posted by JEAN on 9/22/07
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    On 5/10/07, jill wrote:
    > ok first of all what color is the bird in question? if it is a
    > pied or an albino the cere on them are often not true to the
    > bird. meaning if it's MALE it won't be supper apparent. if it's
    > female however...the cere will often change to brown when
    > breeding season approaches. now. if this is a solid color bird
    > this isn't so. by the fourth month and first molt the cere will
    > be royal blue on a male. on a female of all ages the cere goes
    > thru color changes throughout her life. at times it will be dark
    > brown. at other times it will be mostly white with a little
    > light blue around the edges, perfectly normal.
    > your next a general rule humans are the only
    > species that shows homosexual no, one male will not
    > generally let another male mount him. if the bird in question IS
    > allowing the known male to mount and breed it.. give it about
    > two week and there will be eggs because she's female...lololol
    > hope this answers your question.
    > by the way, when raised in a large group avairy and allowed to
    > breed....when there is a shortage on males it isn't unusual for
    > two females to lay eggs together and raise a clutch together. i
    > know this to be a fact. good luck,jill
    > On 5/09/07, Colleen wrote:
    >> On 5/09/07, Mindy wrote:
    >>> Hi Colleen,
    >>> A blue cere is a male budgie. Although, my female budgie at
    >>> about a year old had her cere that was kinda purplish which
    >>> appeared to look a little blue. A few months later it is
    >>> turned beige. So maybe give it a little more time but it
    >>> sounds like u have a male.
    >>> On 5/08/07, Colleen wrote:
    >>>> I have a pair of budgies for at least a year and lately
    >>>> the female's beak (cere?) has been turning more blue. The
    >>>> definitely male budgie has been trying to mate with this
    >>>> bird. Is she a she?
    >> Thanks for the response. I was pretty sure this bird was a
    >> female : she was larger, had a pinkish cere when I got her
    >> well over a year ago and I thought the colour would be
    >> established by now., she bites hard and doesn't sing, just
    >> scolds. I often see them giving each other "kisses" before
    >> this behaviour on the part of the male bird.Would a male
    >> budgie still try to mount/mate with another male? What should
    >> I do if the partner is also a male..should I seperate them
    >> because of this behaviour?...the she/he looks quite worn out
    >> looking!