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Re: Wild Budgie in Virginia Is It Possible?

Posted by Mallori on 12/15/07
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    Some how I am not surprised by the possibility of wild budgies
    in Virgina. Parrot type birds can live in areas that get much
    colder than their native lands with weather aclimation (the
    bird getting used to colder and warmer temps by the temp
    slowly fluxuation as nature does). There are Quakers and Monk
    parakeets in Chicago and they are banded in many states due to
    the fact they are colony nesters. So don't be surprised if
    you see a budgie flying about same with cockatiels and other


    On 8/17/07, joey wrote:
    > On 6/09/07, Kim wrote:
    >> I live in Northern Virginia and about three years ago I
    >> was driving around my neighborhood and saw the brightest
    >> bird I had ever seen. Highlighter green. Now the same
    >> bird (or that's my guess) comes to my feeder regularly.
    >> It holds its own fending off the other birds and seems
    >> quite happy. Last winter it snowed for weeks
    >> straight...Any guesses about whether or not it is the same
    >> bird. Did it migrate and come back. I read on-line about
    >> wild monk parakeets in my area but the pictures don't
    >> match. Yellow head bright green body with balck wavy
    >> lines on the wings. I know nothing about birds can you
    >> help me solve the mystery?
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