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Re: Wild Budgie in Virginia Is It Possible?

Posted by Matt Rogers on 12/18/07
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    While it is perfectly possible the bird got away from an outdoor
    aviary and survived the cold temps, I am surprised that he
    hasn't been eaten by a hawk or owl. Bright yellow-green is NOT
    a good color to be if you are a small bird in America. Maybe it
    confuses the hawks enough that they don't know what to do with
    it? I just wouldn't expect it to last long in the wild.

    While you can leave it in the wild, you could also set up a
    simple box-trap and catch the bird. If it's banded, you could
    track down the breeder who sold the bird, may even find the
    owner. Just a thought..


    On 8/17/07, joey wrote:
    > On 6/09/07, Kim wrote:
    >> I live in Northern Virginia and about three years ago I
    >> was driving around my neighborhood and saw the brightest
    >> bird I had ever seen. Highlighter green. Now the same
    >> bird (or that's my guess) comes to my feeder regularly.
    >> It holds its own fending off the other birds and seems
    >> quite happy. Last winter it snowed for weeks
    >> straight...Any guesses about whether or not it is the same
    >> bird. Did it migrate and come back. I read on-line about
    >> wild monk parakeets in my area but the pictures don't
    >> match. Yellow head bright green body with balck wavy
    >> lines on the wings. I know nothing about birds can you
    >> help me solve the mystery?
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