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Re: Wild Budgie in Virginia Is It Possible?

Posted by jill on 6/16/07
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    On 6/09/07, Kim wrote:
    > I live in Northern Virginia and about three years ago I
    > was driving around my neighborhood and saw the brightest
    > bird I had ever seen. Highlighter green. Now the same
    > bird (or that's my guess) comes to my feeder regularly.
    > It holds its own fending off the other birds and seems
    > quite happy. Last winter it snowed for weeks
    > straight...Any guesses about whether or not it is the same
    > bird. Did it migrate and come back. I read on-line about
    > wild monk parakeets in my area but the pictures don't
    > match. Yellow head bright green body with balck wavy
    > lines on the wings. I know nothing about birds can you
    > help me solve the mystery?

    hello kim,
    budgies live anywhere between 5 and 10 years...depending on
    the overall health of the climate etc.
    they have been kept sucessfully in outdoor avairy's for
    years....generally in less cold temps. the thing about snow,
    doesn't happen with really bitter temps as a general rule.
    it's quite possible that you are seeing a bugie that has
    escaped from someone's home during spring or summer and had
    enough time to adjust. sounds like he's figuard out where
    the food is sooooo......he'll probably be around a while
    longer. no other budgies to make a family with so no off
    spring but you will probably get much enjoyment from him
    until he does pass on...enjoy....
    p.s. they are migrators by nature but i don't believe they
    will without other budgies to go with them....