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Post: Lost feathered son

Posted by Barbara on 6/12/07

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    Last friday i had my bird cage oustide because we are
    remodeling and i thought the noise would be too much for
    them. My grand daughter who is 6 years thought since she
    was thirsty that the birds would like their water fresh and
    cold too. Before I could stop her she had opened the cage
    and my beloved Perchie flew out and was gone I didnt scold
    her because she loves him as much as me we are both his
    Mommies.I whistled for him called his name and kept the
    cage with Smoochie my other budgie outside where I hoped he
    would hear or come back. I stayed out all day and til 10:00
    pm that night calling him because he would always come to
    his name when I called him in the house or would answer my
    whistle until we found each other.I left the sliding door
    open that night and the next day which was Saturday and all
    that night and the next day. Still calling him hoping my
    biddie buddy would come home. Alas, to no avail!! I
    canvassed the neighborhood nobody has seen him. I am so
    broken hearted about this my only hope is that he will come
    home or that someone will find him and love him as much as
    I do.

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