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Re: Lost feathered son

Posted by karen on 6/13/07
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    Hi Barb

    I lost my TAG for 2 1/2 days 1 1/2ysr ago
    1. I e-mailed parrot 911 for the local person & advice
    2. Printed up 60 color posters with my cell# & put them up
    3. We walked & walked asking everyone we saw & gave them
    cell #
    4. post a reward
    5. You should also include on your post, city & state
    6. knock on doors of everyone in your area that has an
    outside bird feeder & give them your cell -ASK FOR HELP!

    I had people for blocks helping me look
    I explained that the bird will die if it is not found
    So many people helped!!
    We Found Angelo after 2 1/2 days 5 blocks from home -He is
    fine. A friend lost there conure for 2 wks. -found 5 miles
    away He is home & happy also.

    Good Luck
    & ASK FOR HELP!!