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Re: Parakeets on an airplane... is it ok?

Posted by Dave on 7/07/07
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    On 7/07/07, Lily wrote:
    > Hey everyone. Does anyone know if its safe to fly on an
    > airplane with parakeets? I know its ok with the airline.
    > They just want them in a carrier. But I want to make sure
    > that the pressure in the cabin won't be too much for their
    > little ears and hurt them? I've heard of people flying
    > with their parrots, but parakeets are so much smaller.
    > I'm thinking of flying my 3 birds in VA back to CA with
    > me. But I won't do it if its not safe for them. Any info
    > would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    Air lines which will take animals usually keep them in a
    special cargo area. That area has uniform pressure which
    doesn't harm any animal including parrots of all kinds,
    small, medium and large. The only thing that the airline
    requires is a carrying case which meets the standards of the
    airline. That info can be gotten from the airline. They
    won't accept animals in any other type of carrying case---