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Re: Parakeets on an airplane... is it ok?

Posted by Tammy on 7/07/07
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    Most airlines will not put them in cargo in the summer, as long
    as the carrier fits under the seat in front of you you will
    befine, just dont book a bulk head seat! A standard plastic
    carrier is fine when they are the plane with you, just not when
    they go into cargo, then you need very specific carriers.

    I flew with an M2 and got lucky that I was helped to have an
    empty seat beside me and a soft sided carrier that had straps
    to buckle in, so he rode right next to from St Croix. Check
    with the airline web site it will give you the measurements
    needed to fit under the seat.


    On 7/07/07, Dave wrote:
    > On 7/07/07, Lily wrote:
    >> Hey everyone. Does anyone know if its safe to fly on an
    >> airplane with parakeets? I know its ok with the airline.
    >> They just want them in a carrier. But I want to make sure
    >> that the pressure in the cabin won't be too much for their
    >> little ears and hurt them? I've heard of people flying
    >> with their parrots, but parakeets are so much smaller.
    >> I'm thinking of flying my 3 birds in VA back to CA with
    >> me. But I won't do it if its not safe for them. Any info
    >> would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    > Air lines which will take animals usually keep them in a
    > special cargo area. That area has uniform pressure which
    > doesn't harm any animal including parrots of all kinds,
    > small, medium and large. The only thing that the airline
    > requires is a carrying case which meets the standards of the
    > airline. That info can be gotten from the airline. They
    > won't accept animals in any other type of carrying case---
    > Dave