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Re: regent or alexandrine parakeet

Posted by jeremey on 2/10/08
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    I own one and she is great. She likes a lot of attention and
    out of the cage time. They live up to 21 yrs old and have
    beautiful markings. For a bird, she ia relitivly quiet
    except when she feels like she is being ignored or if she is
    in a bad mood (which is not very often.) She loves to fly,
    she sleeps on my shoulder, and when i am eating something,
    she instist that i share. she has a great temperment and
    loves people. i haven't worked on talking, but all the info
    i have read on them says they can talk. She likes to play
    games with me (i whistle and she matches it) and will follow
    me around the house. From what i understand, they are easily
    obtained and are very resistant of disease. they are easily
    trained and are very loving. i would recommend one to

    On 9/05/07, terry wrote:
    > Does anyone own either of these parakeets? If so can you
    > tell me about them. Sex, age, nature, noise level, talking
    > ability and clarity, etc.
    > Terry