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Re: My budgies just had babies, how do I tame them?

Posted by karen on 9/17/07
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    On 9/17/07, Maddie wrote:
    > I really need help. I am just thirteen
    > years old and my budgies just had
    > babies. I know you need them in a
    > cage to tame them and get them onto
    > your finger but I would need to catch
    > them to get them into the cage in the
    > first place. I think that would be too
    > rough and and I don't want them to
    > be afraid of me. Also I don't know
    > when to catch them and how old they
    > should be or what they should look
    > like then, I need to know so I can tell
    > when to train them. I have been trying
    > to finger tame a baby budgie for 4
    > years and I still can't and I am getting
    > really upset. Please someone reply
    > before it's too late to train them, I
    > would LOVE to train these budgies.
    > Thanks very very much.
    > Maddie

    Hi Maddie
    The Nov. 2007 Bird Talk has a good article on how to tame a
    small bird. Also, see if your parents will help you find a
    local bird club. Someone in a local club may be able to
    help you first hand. Earning a birds trust for the first
    time takes some time. As far as the little babies go let
    the mom and dad bird feed them and take care of them, when
    they are eating on there own and getting active you can
    start working with them also.
    see if you can get some local help
    The above web page has a lot of good articles and some free
    e-books. The e-books are directed a younger readers
    best of luck