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Re: baby budgie food

Posted by Shar on 11/08/08
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    On 9/23/07, Maddie wrote:
    > Hello
    > I was wondering if anyone knew the
    > recipe for the soft food that baby
    > budgies eat, because I was thinking of
    > hand raising and feeding it by myself
    > in a separate cage. But the problem is
    > that I have to go on a holiday for a
    > week where i won't see my budgies at
    > all. I think the two babies are about
    > four or five weeks old. If anyone has
    > any information please don't give me a
    > link unless it has exactly the
    > information I want, otherwise please
    > just tell me if i should buy the fod
    > from a pet store and would the mother
    > abandon the baby and not take care
    > of it if I tried to put it back? One
    > baby poked its head out and it was
    > trying to get out when it sort of half
    > fell and half flew down to the ground.
    > Its tail feather got caught on a stick
    > right near the ground so I went in
    > and helped the poor thing. I picked it
    > up and put it back in the nesting box.
    > It didn't bite me or try to get off at
    > all, it just sat there waiting while I put
    > it back. Will it not be afraid of me
    > anymore or will it be more afraid?
    > Please, if anyone knows how to hand
    > feed it from this young PLEASE
    > PLEASE help me. Thank you sooooo
    > much!
    > Maddie

    While I agree Breeding is not idea with so many in need
    Breeding will happen and we just need to be sure that those
    doing it KNOW the issues and also do so responsibly.
    That said i have seen no one answer the question so I will
    You can pull the budgie baby daily and play with it and
    spend time with it about a hour at a time but making sure to
    put it back in with Mom to feed and care for and keep warm.
    When you see them out and eating on their own set it up in a
    cage in your room and spend Lots of time with it To start i
    would trim the wings just to get him to the point he is used
    to you.
    Honestly I would not recommend you pull and handfeed
    yourself if you do not know how to handfeed as you can choke
    them (aspirate) Better to allow Mom to do so while you
    handle it a few times a day Make sure to pull the little one
    for play time often but not too often that he is not getting
    They will leave the nest and hang out on the perch and Dad
    will still feed them and Mom will likely start a new clutch.
    You can pull those eggs and replace them with fake ones to
    prevent more babies. Then when she comes out remove the
    Or wait till this clutch comes out and than pull it before
    she starts laying again.
    Make sure you are feeding them a healthy diet of egg food
    and veggies and offer a lot of clean water while Mom and dad
    are feeding babies.
    if you need recipes let me know
    You can email me if you like

    As far as will he get a bit wild when you go on your Holiday
    Budgies need Daily handling
    You will likely have to start over though it may not bee
    awfully hard
    When is your trip? How old are they now?
    Who will be caring for them while you are gone?
    If he is weaned and in a cage alone that person if you have
    trimmed his wings could handle him a bit or at least sit and
    feed him goodies now and then from their hand to help the
    bird stay tame.
    If it is not yet weaned though you will likely have to just
    take him out when you get back and work at it. Please do not
    pull him too soon though let Mom and Dad wean him.
    I have lots of good links if you want them regarding taming
    and feeding a good die to Mom and Dad as well as for making
    your own egg food.