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Re: baby budgie food

Posted by karen on 9/25/07
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    Are these birds outside or in cage?
    You can soak bird pellets in water and hand feed them small
    wet mush on your fingertips. or a bit of oatmeal, mashed
    potato, wet bread etc. to make friends.
    Budgies tend to tame quickly when young
    the more nice contact you have with them the more tame they

    On 9/23/07, Maddie wrote:
    > Hello
    > I was wondering if anyone knew the
    > recipe for the soft food that baby
    > budgies eat, because I was thinking of
    > hand raising and feeding it by myself
    > in a separate cage. But the problem is
    > that I have to go on a holiday for a
    > week where i won't see my budgies at
    > all. I think the two babies are about
    > four or five weeks old. If anyone has
    > any information please don't give me a
    > link unless it has exactly the
    > information I want, otherwise please
    > just tell me if i should buy the fod
    > from a pet store and would the mother
    > abandon the baby and not take care
    > of it if I tried to put it back? One
    > baby poked its head out and it was
    > trying to get out when it sort of half
    > fell and half flew down to the ground.
    > Its tail feather got caught on a stick
    > right near the ground so I went in
    > and helped the poor thing. I picked it
    > up and put it back in the nesting box.
    > It didn't bite me or try to get off at
    > all, it just sat there waiting while I put
    > it back. Will it not be afraid of me
    > anymore or will it be more afraid?
    > Please, if anyone knows how to hand
    > feed it from this young PLEASE
    > PLEASE help me. Thank you sooooo
    > much!
    > Maddie